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Testing & Troubleshooting


American Power Services uses sophisticated testing equipment to determine the exact location, nature and severity of a problem. The following services can help you resolve problems and assess the condition of your heat transfer equipment:

Eddy Current / Remote Field Tube Testing

This reliable, inexpensive test locates tubes which show signs of deterioration or are about to fail and pinpoints the problem area along the length of the tube. Early diagnosis can help prevent troublesome problems or catastrophic failures and extend heat exchanger life. Eddy current testing can find pits, cracks, ID and OD erosion and corrosion, grooving, vibration damage and denting in any non-magnetic tube material including copper-nickels, admiralty brass, 300 series stainless steel, inconel, aluminum and others. Finned tubes of these materials can also be tested. Magnetic tube material such as carbon steel and 400 series stainless steel is tested using state-of-the-art remote field testing equipment.

Ultrasonic Testing

Detect flaws in tubing, shells and tubesheets to prevent potential problems and shutdowns. Take advantage of this testing service to perform piping and vessel thickness surveys using contact and immersion methods, longitudinal and shear wave.

Dye Penetrant Testing

Detects in-service fatigue failure and surface discontinuities.

Magnetic Particle Testing

We can provide surface and subsurface inspection of ferromagnetic materials through wet and dry, visible and fluorescent methods.

Hydrostatic Testing

We can perform hydrostatic testing (utilizing high pressure water) and evaluation of individual tubes, entire heat exchanger bundles or pressure vessels.

Visual Inspections

Ensures that your equipment meets all industry standards and that welds and fabrication are correct. Our technicians are EPRI Level II trained and certified.

Boroscopic Testing

Visual inspection for internal heat exchanger and tube failures using fiberoptic and rigid boroscopes, including photography or videotape.

Trouble Shooting

Metallurgical Analysis

Tests on the soundness, reliability and root cause failure analysis of the metal components of your system including scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, chemical hardness spectographic analysis and alloy analysis.


Our experienced technicians can diagnose and analyze test results to pinpoint the cause of problems and propose the best solutions. We draw from our comprehensive repair and engineering experience to correct the problems. Recommendations include:

  • Internal Structural Changes
  • Review and Correction of Operating Procedures
  • Reconditioning of  Eroded Tubesheets or Cavities
  • Sleeving and Inlet Inserts
  • Grinding Out and Rewelding Internal Weld Cracks
  • Rebuilding

Re-Engineering & Equipment Analysis

American Power Service can evaluate thermal and mechanical performance of all types of heat transfer equipment, based on their design and actual performance. We can then make recommendations to optimize performance and reduce maintenance. All tubular heat exchangers can be reviewed, analyzed and redesigned to provide years of useful life beyond the original design.

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